August 22, 2017

Why does Greensboro need Change Agents?

Greensboro NCWe all are creators of our community.
Allow your voice to be heard and learn to deeply hear the voices of others in our community.
Learn how to approach, participate and lead in an ever-changing community environment.
Help people become connected through thoughtful authentic relationships.
Engage in conversations with people you know the least and have the conversations you haven’t before.
Dialogue with others to create a community future distinct from the past…you are the key to change!

We can create for ourselves a community we want to live in. A community where
every voice is heard and those in the middle can give voice to the possibilities
that can be created. IMPACT Greensboro is an opportunity that allows room for
conversations between people who we may not have heard their voices to connect
and become connected to others in building and sustaining our community.

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