August 22, 2017

What’s involved with IMPACT?

What is the time commitment?

IMPACT Greensboro requires a nine-month commitment. It is an intensive first year and participants selected are required to attend ALL sessions. Sessions are held on the campus of the Center for Creative Leadership.

Sessions are held once a month on a Friday. Some program sessions are full-days, while others are half-days. (See program schedule for 2014 in the “Apply Now” section of this site) After the intensive first year, Change Agents become part of a network that continues to work on personal goals set in the program and collaborate with others to create possibilities for a better community.

How is this program different from other leadership programs in the community?

IMPACT Greensboro uses “Dialogue Groups” as a key philosophy of its program.  That makes it very different than other leadership programs!

Dialogue is about learning—learning that enables people with different perspectives and views to deeply listen, learn and reflect in a safe “holding environment”. Unlike any other method of authentic communication, dialogue:

• Builds trust and allows people to work together

• Helps to breakthrough stereotypes

• Helps shift the focus from isolated and brief transactions to developing deeper relationships

• A necessary tool for the future of public engagement

There is no better place to be to conduct those dialogues than the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). It makes a difference that IMPACT is a program of CCL because it is ranked worldwide by Financial Times as one of the top ten organizations for leadership expertise, research and education.

Does it cost to participate?

The tuition for the program is $250, however, this should not be a deterrent to applying. Upon acceptance to the program, participants will be invoiced and will indicate if they will self-paid, employer paid or will need scholarship assistance. Scholarships are made possible through supporters who believe in the power of this program to grow a network of engaged community Change Agents.

How are participants selected?

Twenty-four participants, who have a strong sense of community and a proven commitment to service, will be chosen. Participants will reflect the demographics of the Greensboro community and include people from many different backgrounds, education levels, and ages. Participants must comment to attending all program sessions.

 IMPACT process principles and protocol

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