August 22, 2017

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT the city of GreensboroIMPACT Greensboro is a program developed to build a community network of leaders equipped to provide strategic leadership and foster effective, collaborative action on issues faced by the community.

We are Creating Space to Learn, Grow, Trust and Lead.

Vision:  It is our vision that Greensboro exemplifies democracy in action through involvement of citizens, from all sectors of the community, who form relationships across social and cultural boundaries to address current challenges and chart future direction.

Mission:  The mission of IMPACT Greensboro is to build a network of emerging leaders to serve as “Change Agents” who are equipped to provide strategic leadership, foster effective and cooperative solutions.

The program strives to increase participants’ capacity to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of core community issues and the importance relationships play in effectively addressing them.
  • Engage in a life-long commitment to community leadership and finding avenues for building on the strengths of the community.
  • Actively participate in a network of community “Change Agents” who are equipped to engage in and help to solve community issues.

IMPACT Greensboro focuses on developing emerging leaders by training them in skills related to:

  • Self-awareness as a first step in effective leadership.
  • Finding value in diversity through striving to genuinely understand and respect one another.
  • Build bridges of trust among participants of different races, cultures, socio-economic levels, neighborhoods and preferences.
  • Promoting skill development to effectively lead and/or participate more fully in community.

Participants begin the program with personal assessments.  Individual, large group and small group sessions are held practice new skills and information in a  safe and supportive environment.  Throughout the program participants increase personal and interpersonal awareness, gain a deeper understanding of power, privilege and oppression and increase knowledge on how these factors affect community issues. Participants learn ways they can personally address tissues through understanding change theory, through understanding their personal change styles, and the use of effective tools to utilize in community leadership. Participants are designated as “Change Agents” upon completion of the program.

This program provides the opportunity for individuals to learn about themselves, understand the issues and challenges of our community and to forge new ways to address them through personal action. This unique combination of education, skill building and small groupwork, allows for the thoughtful examination of the dynamics of diversity, leadership and community building. The outcome of IMPACT Greensboro is to create leaders—Change Agents, who will engage in civic opportunities to strengthen our city.

IMPACT Greensboro is seeking applications from those interested in discovering possibilities for the community–not in just solving problems.

Applicants must have a commitment to understand community issues, develop relationships with people from diverse cultures, be available to attend all of the sessions and be at least 18 years old.

IMPACT Greensboro welcomes and encourages people to apply from all races, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientation, genders, economic status and neighborhoods in the community.

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