August 22, 2017

Let Your Views Be Heard!

 A Task Force to study the economic feasibility of a downtown performing arts center has been established.   Beginning March 29th,  forums are being  held for the purpose of listening to you, the residents or Greensboro. In the April forum, we will share what is learned as we study performing arts centers in other communities and in the May forum, we will discuss what has been learned throughout the study, including the economic feasibility of such a center. We hope you can attend all three forums.

For more information about the Downtown Performing Arts Center Study, we encourage you to use all the following on-line resources:

GPCA 2012 Purpose:

In January 2012, Greensboro City Council asked the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro to facilitate a diverse, representative and community-wide Task Force to study the economic feasibility of a downtown performing arts center.

 The Task Force was charged with the following directives:

  • Create an open, candid and constructive dialogue around the needs of a performing arts center
  • Create an economic impact report and a feasibility analysis of a downtown facility
  • Explore private investors to complement public resources

 A Citizen Engagement Committee was created to engage residents in community-wide forums, report results of site visits, understand types of facilities in our peer cities, and educate the city about the performing arts center project.

To that end, the Citizen Engagement Committee is announcing Community Forums to gather your feedback on a downtown performing arts center in Greensboro. Your participation is essential.

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