August 22, 2017


There are over 250 IMPACT Change Agents making a difference in our community and whom we hold dear.   Change Agents are currently:

• Working to make our local environment green and clean
• Starting a F.B. I. (Fathers Being Involved) a P.T.A. subgroup for fathers at Brooks Global Studies Elementary School
• Fostering increased multi-cultural events and activities around our city
• Serving on more community boards and committees
• Volunteering in nonprofits of all kinds
• Stepping up to facilitate processes and conversations of importance in their communities
• Partnering with local law enforcement to reduce crime in their neighborhoods
• Moving from homelessness to having a roof over their heads and giving back to the people they met along the way.

Their stories are endless and we want to create new stories that leave a lasting legacy in our community.
To sustain this program well into the future, we are asking for community support for this important work. You can be a part of the network of supporters who will ensure that we have Change Agents for years to come making a stronger Greensboro for all of us. With strong and sustained commitments from the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Cemela Foundation, and the Center for Creative Leadership, it is time that we all take responsibility for the future of the program.

In this season of giving, please consider a gift to support IMPACT Greensboro by simply clicking on the link below. From $5.00 – $5,000, you can make a difference for future Change Agents and the future of our city. Thank you for all that you have already done as a Change Agent. As you stood on the shoulders of those Change Agents that came before you, now you can pay it forward for Change Agents of the future.

You mean a lot to us and we hope IMPACT Greensboro means a lot to you!