August 22, 2017

Change Agents Respond

“97% of participants would recommend the program to a friend or colleague!”

“94% of participants rate their experience in the program as positive!”

What leaders are saying:

“Impact has allowed me to hold up a mirror to myself. I’ve been able to critically reflect on my current thoughts and actions as opposed to what I’ve assumed about myself. “

“I believe that Greensboro is ready for a positive transformation that will be the envy and model for other communities…IMPACT Greensboro has the promise to be the catalyst for this transformation.”

“We need a vision which can energize and motivate individuals, and thereby our institutions (government, education, economic, cultural) toward a greater whole.”

“This experience has the potential to provide not only community impact but personal growth.”

“I am so honored to have been chosen to participate in and learn from IMPACT Greensboro.  Every aspect was professionally done and I was on the edge of my seat with excitement every time we met.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. My plan is to be approachable, visible, involved and engaged in my community and in Greater Greensboro!”

“IMPACT Greensboro gives us the platform… where people from throughout the community can come together in a safe environment and talk openly about the issues and challenges facing our community.”

“Creating a truly inclusive community is not easy and some would say unattainable. Yet we owe it to ourselves to make it our goal.”

“IMPACT Greensboro has the potential of bringing real and lasting change to Greensboro.”

“Ordinary people who care can be powerful, if given the tools and resources to get the job done. I know there are more people just like me who want to be involved.”

“Because of IMPACT Greensboro, I learned so much but yet I feel there is so much more to be done through me individually to be more effective.  I am so excited and honored to have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful friends/family!  This was a great journey and I am thrilled to share my experience with others.  I am even more excited to carry out my Personal Plan!”